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Warehousing and Storage

We have a wide range of spacious and well-equipped warehouses with all the necessary facilities. We also have round-the-clock security for your goods.

You can access your goods anytime at the warehouse without any hassle. We offer complete transparency about our warehousing and storage policies.

We are constantly shifting and moving to new places in today’s world. Whether that’s a new city or across the country, we turn houses, offices, retail stores, or warehouses.

We often find ourselves in the predicament that we need space to put all our things, but we don’t have enough space. What do we do then?

Have you ever needed to move, but the only space you had was already packed with your furniture?

Or perhaps you needed to store some large furniture items, or maybe you needed a certain amount of space to keep certain things, but you didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a storage unit?

Then Platinum and Packers is the company you’re searching for. We look after your belongings in our warehouses and get your items transported to your new place, all without you having to worry about anything!

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    We offer a range of facilities to our clients to help them optimize their space. They can choose from our facilities like parking, forklift trucks, belt conveyors, etc. Security has become one of the most critical aspects of the business. Without it, the chances of theft and damage increase.

    To ensure that theft and property damage is minimized as much as possible and to make sure that your goods are safe and secure, CCTV cameras have been installed in every warehouse and office premises. 

    These cameras keep a strict watch on all of the movements happening around the buildings. The security personnel stationed in each warehouse are trained in what to look out for and respond to different situations.

    Having round-the-clock guards makes sure your belongings are safe. Our security guards will constantly keep an eye out for anyone trying to break into your warehouse.

    They’re trained to deal with suspicious activity and have access to the latest monitoring systems, guaranteeing that your goods are safe no matter what time of day it is.

    10 reasons someone needs warehouse and storage services

    1. You require storing some of your belongings while you are moving into a new house or office

    2. Your company needs storage space on a short term basis

    3. You want to keep some inexpensive items in a secure place

    4.You are having your wedding or celebrating an anniversary soon and require extra space

    5.You need storage for commercial goods that you plan to sell later on

    6.Your supplier may be behind schedule, and you need additional space for your current inventory

    7.You have items but not enough room to store them at home.

    8.You have some personal effects that you want to keep at a secure location after moving into a new house or office

    9.You require storage facilities temporarily due to renovation work in the house or office improvement work going on

    10.You would like to provide storage for some items that you plan to sell
    We have the best warehousing and storage facilities to satisfy your requirements.

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    Platinum Packers and Movers safety measures for secure storage

    1. Professional and experienced staff who try to preserve the customer’s goods.

    2. Packaging of all goods in the moving process is done with the utmost care and dedication.

    3. Assurance of complete safety of your goods during transit.

    4. We have a dedicated team of expert workers that are fully trained in all aspects of packing and moving.

    5. Trusted by thousands of customers and serving hundreds of customers per month in India.

    6. We have experienced and trained staff to handle your belongings with care.

    7. We are also known for our on-time delivery. We prioritize your belongings and deliver them on time.

    8. We have an experienced team of people who assure you that your move is handled with care and speed.

    10 features of our warehouse

    1. Storage for a wide range of items:

    We have a wide range of warehouses that have a lot of space. We can store various items, including home appliances, vehicles, furniture and various commercial goods.

    2. Temperature and humidity-controlled rooms:

    We offer a perfect environment to keep all your belongings safe and ensure their longevity. Every room is temperature-controlled to protect from extreme weather conditions. We also use dehumidifiers to protect your items from humidity.

    3. Inner yard for vehicle parking:

    We keep an inner yard that is large enough to accommodate all kinds of vehicles, including cars, trucks and other heavy equipment. It helps in easy movement of the goods into our premises, so you don’t have to worry about transportation.

    4. Well trained staff:

    Every employee knows their responsibility towards protecting your property at every step during the storage or transportation process. All our employees are well-trained before they get assigned any work. They know how best to handle your belongings so you can rest assured about their safety.

    5. Specialized equipment:

    Our warehouses have modern tools that help in easy storage and transportation. These include forklifts, cranes, gantry, etc., to make your work easier.

    6. Location near you:

    Our warehouses are strategically located in the vicinity of your place, so you can access them when needed. You don’t have to face any inconvenience while shifting your belongings because our warehouses are well connected through roads and railway lines.

    7. 24x7 security services:

    All our warehouses have round-the-clock security provided by trained personnel who watch every movement around the buildings. It ensures the safety of your goods at all times, irrespective of day or night.

    8. Opened as well as locked storage:

    We have storage spaces that are opened and locked. Those who need to protect them from extreme weather conditions will have locked spaces for privacy reasons. The well-ventilated ones suitable for storing items like clothes will be open storage.

    9. Extensive coverage of your goods:

    We keep warehouses in almost all major cities, so you can choose the best location depending on where you need to store your belongings. We also offer storage services at international locations so you can access them when needed.

    10. Excellent storage spaces for commercial goods:

    We have an excellent facility for commercial storage purposes where we can securely store trade samples, documents, materials, goods, etc., to meet our clients’ varied requirements across industries. We use special containers which provide complete protection to your commercial interests.

    Warehousing services are the best option if you have to store any of your belongings for a short or long time. Firms like us have built a trustworthy reputation over the years, and you can depend on us to deliver the best storage service. You can call our experts anytime from anywhere in the world to know more about our warehousing and storage solutions.